Heartbeat API at WordCamp Phoenix 2014

I recently had the chance to share about the Heartbeat API at WordCamp Phoenix 2014!

Thanks to the organizing team for the invitation — it was a blast!

Pippin Williamson was gracious enough to join me and share about his use of the Heartbeat API in a demo!

After the break, you’ll find slides and sample code used in the presentation for your perusal and use.

[edit] The Video of the presentation is now available!  Check it out below. [/edit]

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WordCamp Málaga: WP-CLI en Español

Tuve la gran oportunidad de presentar sobre WP-CLI en WordCamp Málaga — en Español.

Es la primera vez que presento en Español, y la primera vez que visito España en unos 15 años.

No supe cuánto Español iba a recordar, pero fue bastante bien, con muchas reacciones positivas.

¡Gracias por la invitación y hospitalidad!

Aquí teneís las transparencias en PDF.

Debajo, podéis verlas incluido desde SpeakerDeck, y también el codigo del plugin de backup:
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Canal with Sailboats

WordCamp Europe – Perfect Your Images Using WordPress

I was humbled to be invited to speak alongside Marko Heijnen on WP_Image_Editor at the first WordCamp Europe in Leiden, The Netherlands. Thanks to the organizers and everyone involved for an amazing WordCamp!

There will, of course, be more posts about this experience, but I wanted to be sure the slides were available first!

You can find the slides embedded from SpeakerDeck after the break, and directly via PDF.
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WCYVR: Heartbeat API and WP_Image_Editor

It was a pleasure to share about the Heartbeat API and WP_Image_Editor (a lightning talk) with you all at WordCamp Vancouver!

Thanks for the invitation and support!

You can find the slides and sample code after the break.
More resource links to come in an update.

If you have any questions, just let me know!

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WCSF 2013 – Magical WordPress Management using WP-CLI

I was humbled to be invited to speak at WordCamp San Francisco this year at the last minute, and I’m excited to share it with you all!

You can find the slides in PDF here.

Embedded slides and sample plugin code available after the break.

[edit] Slides Updated! Full Details below. [/edit]

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