Connect the Dots at WordCamp Ventura 2014

Thanks to Konstantin Obenland, Alicia St. RoseErick Hitter, and Andrew Behla for the invitation to speak!

I gave a satirical talk called “Connect the Dots” at WordCamp Ventura about the WordPress community and its connections, whose slides you can see below.

Yes, it’s silly. Yes, I hope you enjoy it. I’ll post a link to the video when it lands on

If you’d prefer a download, you can find the PDF Here.

Have a favorite WordPress conspiracy theory?  Feel free to share it below!

Heartbeat + WP REST API at WordCamp NYC

Thanks to the organizers, volunteers, and everyone attending WordCamp NYC for a great event!

Below, you can find the slides and code for my talk on the Heartbeat API for WordPress.

In this presentation, I also included a sample for a custom WordPress API endpoint (hat/tip Ryan McCue) for causing the WordPress admin to honk via a GET request (which is decidedly unRESTful, but equal to the way the Tesla Model S API works). I then provided this URL to the audience prior to discussing the code for much hilarity.

The code’s after the break. But think twice about deploying it on a production server, since it allows others to annoy you with unauthenticated requests. The JSON REST API plugin is required prior to the JSON API’s introduction in WordPress Core itself.

You can download the slides in PDF, and see the slides inline from Speaker Deck below.

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Heartbeat API Jumpstart – WordCamp Seattle 2014

I had the pleasure of being invited to give a quick introduction to the Heartbeat API at WordCamp Seattle!

Thanks to the organizers for the opportunity, and everyone who showed up to listen to me speak very rapidly about polling awesomeness.

You can download the slides in PDF, and see the slides inline from Speaker Deck after the break.

This is just an introduction — For a deeper dive, check out this talk that was done in a longer form, and has example code attached.

If you have any questions, comment here, and I’ll happily update the post with further info!

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Contributing to Core: Hassle to Hobby and Workshop at WordCamp Orange County

I had the pleasure of being invited to speak at WordCamp Orange County this weekend about core WordPress contribution, the problems that I ran into when first getting started, and some things that have since changed to make things simpler for new contributors.

Thanks to the organizers, volunteers, and everyone involved for an excellent camp!

You can find the slides in PDF here, and embedded from Speaker Deck after the break.

Included as well are the small set of slides in PDF used for the Core Contribution Workshop, and embedded below.
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WordCamp Las Peñitas – WP-CLI

Presente en WordCamp Las Peñitas en Nicaragua sobre WP-CLI.

¡Gracias a los organizadores para la invitación y su hospitalidad!

Aunque ya añadiré mas sobre el evento, por ahora aquí tienen las transparencias en PDF.

Debajo, pueden verlas incluido desde SpeakerDeck, y también el codigo del plugin de backup:
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Heartbeat API at WordCamp Phoenix 2014

I recently had the chance to share about the Heartbeat API at WordCamp Phoenix 2014!

Thanks to the organizing team for the invitation — it was a blast!

Pippin Williamson was gracious enough to join me and share about his use of the Heartbeat API in a demo!

After the break, you’ll find slides and sample code used in the presentation for your perusal and use.

[edit] The Video of the presentation is now available!  Check it out below. [/edit]

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